Pre-pregs are woven cloths pre-impregnated with the resin to the exact weight – in advance of the use. The reinforcements can be different types of fibers: glass, carbon, aramid (kevlar).

The benefits of these factory pre-impregnated fabrics are:

  • uniformity and smoothness of finished parts
  • the production of dimensional complex and structural composites (production by using the molds)
  • popularity in the aerospace industry and in the construction of airplanes, F1 motorsport…


Airex is the material whichopens up a whole new dimension and the possibilities for the production of composites. Thanks this material, we can make various types of products for the specific purpose of its use. Currently, we use the most AIREX C 70, which is incorporated in the filament winding process or in the hot moulding press. The result is a weight loss of the product and better strerngth properties than in the case of using the classical materials (glass, carbon, KEVLAR) themselves. The product obtains a better resistance to shocks, vibrations (tubes for the bicycle frames…)


The material is used in the manufacture of composite „sandwich“ structure, where the priority is to minimize the amount of material and to achieve the smallest weight as possible (aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, rail vehicles and buses, etc.).

Honeycomb is also able to absorb shocks and keep the functionality and integrity of the upper layers of the composite.