Ing.  Milan Piatka


I have been working with carbon and composites since 2001, when I started to work for the French company Garbolino in Modra, which produced race fishing rods for the whole word.

As a CEO, in charge of the carbon production and with fifty other workers, we spent a ton of carbon per month. That speaks of a huge serial production with a high additional value.

Based on my ten-year carbon production experience, I decided to found Carbon Technic as a response to a demand for technical solutions, especially in the automation sector of the industry.

Up to now, I’ve been working as a controller of the quality and a product engineer.

ING. PiatkaING. Piatka

Bc.  Michal Piatka


In cooperation with my father, who has been working in the field of carbon and other composite materials since 2001, I have gained the necessary knowledge and experience to produce carbon/composites porduct with a high additional value.

While studying at the Faculty of Chemistry at the Slovak university of technology, I have gained knowledge at the chemistry, materials and technical knowledge at the theoretical level, which subsequently enabled me to apply my knowledge directly into manufacturing.

The most important factors in my work are precision and quality that are presented in the final product thanks to our rich experience in the production of ultra-sturdy and lightweight racing rods, paddles and bicycles as the company’s carrier products.

My long-term goal is to deliver to customers high quality services and products with a high additional value.


Continuous new ideas for the production of different types of products push us higher and give us new ideas for the use of composite materials, whether for the technical purposes or hobby usage. Our main goal is the absolute satisfaction of our customers, what obligate us to the great responsibility.

The company Carbontechnic was founded in 2013, however, it was founded by Mr. Piatka, who has gained many experiences in the production of highly technical and ultralight composites through the years (about 15 years in this business). He is especially focused at the composite tubes. In the last years, He has become a leader in the domestic and foreign market, what claims our sale to countries and continents around the world.


Carbontechnic with the several years of the experiences in the production of the composites is able to produce a wide range of the products, which are applicated in many sectors like an aerospace, military and the civil sector.


Our company is located in the close vicinty to the capital city of the Slovak Republic in Pezinok, what is advantageous because of the transport possibilities (Highway, the airport) and in the quiet nature under the Little Carpathians, which creates a pleasant working environment.


Our experiences and technical knowledge in the process of the filament winding are our key attributes, which we convert in a favour and the satisfaction towards the customers around the world.

Your satisfaction

Our main ability is adapt to the requirements of our customers and give feedback in a very short time. We also offer customizing services by using our process methods.

Our vision

Our long-term goal is to bring to the global market products with the electric traction for the out-door and indoor use.Development in the field of electromobility is reflected in the application, which indicates a clear, promising and the positive development. Business in the field of electormobility is a global perspective, which constantly grows.This happens for several reasons:

1. Fun / Trendy / Ecology

Fun – Trendy – Ecology: the specific characteristics of the electric motors deliver more fun not only enthusiasm, but also offer new experiences to people. Our goal is to support the field of the electromobility by the direct contact with the simplicity of electromobility and the reliability of this technology

2. Operating costs

Operating costs – sustainability: a resource for the operation with electric drive is the noise at an acceptable level for most of the major cities, commercial – cultural centers, airport halls. Operation without maintenance, but mainly in the wake of the low weight (carbon frame and components) is significantly more energy – efficient. This reduce costs and improve ease of handling. These benefits in conjunction with our unique technological solutions allow business not only to maintain, but also actively develope

3. strength and ability

With an emphasis on maintaining high safety, simple maintenance, we want to show the strength and ability of the electrical drives. The expected effect should be an extension of the community due to affordability, to trust the market to the electromobility